Double Glazing & Single Glazing - What's The Difference?

Why Replace Old Windows?

If you still have an old window, it may be costing you extra money. Now there are more energy efficient windows that help save on heating and cooling expenses. Some of these new windows do not require any painting so you will save money on painting expenses. Your air conditioners and heaters will be needed less if you have energy efficient windows. They will work well even at low level settings. The double glazed windows reduce outside noise significantly. The rooms in your home will be more pleasant and comfortable. The new windows are made with durable materials that require less maintenance. There is UV protection coating on the glasses which protects your furniture, furnishings, drapery and other household items from the UV damage. Services for the double glazing repairs in Birmingham are available easily.

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Why Use Double Glazing in Place of Single Glazing?

Double glazing windows offer several benefits over single glazing windows. A double glazed window has two panes of glass with some gap in-between. This gap is filled with an inert gas that does not conduct heat and cold easily. This clever innovation offers insulation without blocking the light. It means you can protect your home interiors from the outdoor heat and cold without blocking the outdoor daylight. Your rooms will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It helps reduce energy bills. There will be no condensation which is a big problem with single glazed windows. Double glazing reduces noise. The window glasses have UV protecting coating to block the UV rays. Double glazed windows have toughened or laminated glass that are difficult to break.

What Are the Disadvantages of Having Interior Windows in a Home or Office?

An interior window can be advantageous but it is not without its disadvantages. If it is not built at the right place, it can affect the load bearing capacity of a wall or panel. You never want to affect the structural integrity of your house. You lose your privacy in the other room or part of the room. Anyone sitting in one part of the room can view what is happening on the other side. This problem can be solved by blocking the window with drapery or some other view blocking solution but then it defeats the purpose of having an interior window in the first place. At many places, an interior window may be an unnecessary addition. You will be spending money on something that is not required and does not add any value to your home. 

Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Double Glazed Windows?

The type of maintenance needed for a double glazed window depends on the materials used to make its frame. A frame made of wood can degrade over time. The wood is a biodegradable material and starts rotting without proper maintenance. It is important to use high quality wood for a window frame. The wood should be treated and processed properly. In case of an aluminium window frame, there can be the problem of oxidation if the frame is not painted. The old lustre can be brought back with some finishing touches given to the frame. If paint has been applied on the aluminium frame, it can degrade, fade and peel over time. Repainting is needed to restore its good look.